In October of 2016, the 31st District Court conducted the annual Public Satisfaction Survey of court users. The Survey is prepared by the State Court Administrative Office of the Michigan Supreme Court, and each court in the state is required to administer the survey on an annual basis. 

The survey asks individuals to rate their experience at the 31st District Court in a number of areas, including whether they were treated with courtesy and respect by the judge and court staff, and the speed with which they were able to accomplish their business with the court. 

For the fourth year running, the 31st District Court exceeded the state-wide average in virtually every category. Judge Alexis G. Krot thanks everyone who participated in the survey, and also thanks the 31st District Court staff for the tremendous effort they put into professional customer service. "The 31st District Court staff is aware of the value I place on providing excellent customer service, and treating every customer with the courtesy and respect they deserve," said Judge Krot. "The results of this survey are proof positive that the staff understands and cares deeply about the Court's mission."

The full results of the survey can be viewed here.