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Probation Department
The 31st District Court Probation Department is responsible for conducting screenings and investigations, preparing reports and sentencing recommendations, supervising probationers to ensure compliance with the Court’s orders, and administering the 31st District Court Community Service program. The Court employs one full-time Probation Officer. The Probation Office is located on the first floor of the Hamtramck City Hall building, and is open from 8a-4p. The telephone number for the Probation Office is (313) 870-0281.  

The goals of the department include:

  • Community safety
  • Rehabilitation
  • Defendant accountability

Primary responsibilities of the probation officer include:

  • Assessing defendant's needs
  • Referring the defendant to the appropriate agency(s) for rehabilitation and/or screening.
  • Monitoring the offender's compliance
  • Sentencing recommendation to the judges
  • Supervision of  jail, tether, work detail and community service.

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