Summoned For Jury Duty

If you have been summoned for Jury Duty:
Jurors should report to the 31st District Court, and check in at the clerk’s window between 8:00 & 8:15a. Jury trials begin promptly at 8:30a. If you are selected to serve as a juror in a trial, the Court will instruct you as to your lunch hour and dismissal time. Ordinarily, lunch runs from 12:30-1:45p but is subject to change depending on courtroom activity. Convenient lunchtime locations are available in the community. Jurors are allowed to bring bag lunches.

 All requests to be excused must be in writing and received by the Court at least one week prior to date of service. Jury duty is typically completed in a single day. Therefore, requests to be excused must be for good cause and will not always be granted. If you have been called for jury duty at the 31st District Court, and have a valid reason for asking to be excused, please send your request with necessary documentation to: Jury Clerk, 31st District Court, Hamtramck, MI 48212.

Important notices to those requested and serving Jury duty:
Please advise friends and relatives that they are allowed in the courtroom, but not allowed in the jury room.

  • Young children will not be allowed in the courtroom. Please, make baby-sitting arrangements in advance.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building.
  • Jurors who are selected for a continuing trial should report to the clerk’s window on the second and any subsequent days.
  • If proof of jury service is necessary for you to present to your employer, we will furnish you with a letter upon request. Letters may be obtained from the cashier.
  • If you serve on a jury, you are not eligible to serve in this Court again for one year from the service date. However, you may be rescheduled if your trial settles before you appear.
  • Your pay as a juror is set by state law at $25.00 per full day and $40.00 for each subsequent full day. A person will receive $12.50 per half day.

Access to jury service is available to all individuals with a disability. Please call the Court at (313) 800-5248 before your jury date to ensure that accommodations have been met.