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I Received A Ticket

Civil Infractions

Traffic and parking civil infractions are those traffic offenses that are not serious enough to be classified as crimes, but serious enough to deserve sanctions other than jail. Moving violations such as speeding, failing to signal, running a red light, improper turns, and failing to yield the right of way are all examples of civil infractions. The penalties for these types of violations include fines, costs, and potential points on your driving record.
To determine whether your offense falls within this category, please refer to the charge section of your citation. The Charge section is located to the left of the offense you were cited for. There you will find several boxes. Civil infractions will be checked in the “C/I” box. You must respond to the civil infraction within 14 days of the date of the citation. You have the following options:

If you do not respond, or you fail to appear for your court date, you will be subject to additional late fees and your driver’s license may be suspended. Look here for additional penalties and deadlines


  • The Judge and Magistrate do not have the ability to waive, raise, or lower points on a violation that the defendant has admitted to having committed or been found responsible for. Points are assessed by the Secretary of State, not the Court.
  • Michigan's law mandates that the Court notify the Secretary of State of a plea or finding of responsibility. Upon this notification, it is the Secretary of State who will assess the points to an individual’s driving record.
  • Please see the Michigan Secretary of State for more information regarding points assessed by the Secretary of State.