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Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Department ensures residential properties and businesses in the city are in compliance with city codes. The 31st District Court does not issue tickets. If you would like to contest your ticket, you may contact the court at 313-800-5248 for a court date.  If you have specific questions regarding the reason for your ticket, please visit the City of Hamtramck website here or contact the Code Officer who wrote the ticket.  The Code Enforcement Department can be reached at (313) 800-5233 ext. 813. 

If you would like to pay for your code enforcement ticket, you may do so here.  Please be mindful that the code ordinance number listed on your ticket, is not the amount owed for the ticket.  If you are unsure of the cost of your ticket, please contact the court before making your payment. You will not be able to make a payment on a third offense ticket or misdemeanor charge, you must set up a court date.

How to Read a Code Enforcement Ticket

Code Ticket Explanation

Reading a Code Enforcement Ticket

  1. This is your ticket number.
  2. This is the date that your ticket was issued.
  3. This section includes the date, time, and day of offense. It also includes the Plaintiff information in the case (The City of Hamtramck)
  4. This section should list your/the defendant’s identifying information. Please note that some tickets are issued to a business, in that case you would see the name of the business listed there.  * Remember any ticket issued to a business, corporation, incorporation, or LLC must be represented by an attorney*
  5. This section of the ticket includes the actual violation. The number listed before the description of the violation is the ordinance number.  The ordinance number is not the amount of the ticket.
  6. This section helps determine the amount of the violation: *Make sure to pay attention to which box is marked.*
    • $100.00 fine for the first offense, plus costs if any;
    • $250.00 fine for the second offense within one (1)year, plus costs if any;
    • Misdemeanor violation subject to ninety(90 days in jail, a $500.00 fine, or any combination thereof upon conviction for the third and additional offense within one (1) year.
  1. This section includes the court’s contact information.
  2. This section includes the information of the officer/complainant who issued the ticket.  Keep in mind that the court does not issue tickets.  Any specific questions in regard to the reasoning behind the issuance of the ticket should be directed to the officer listed.